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PORT4 is a new way of creating unique artworks; capturing snapshots in generative, interactive, worlds of art we call PORT4 Spaces.
four icons showing four stages of the co-creation process; explore - the icon of a geometric shape in a space. snap - the icon of a camera. mint - the icon of an image which could be a photograph of the geometric shape, and the letters N F T overlaid. create - an icon of a t-shirt with the image of the photograph in the mint stage
EXPLORE - sign a message with your ethereum wallet to generate a virtual space of art, explore and find your favourite perspectives

SNAP - capture 3 snapshots in your PORT4 Space

MINT - optionally mint your favourite snapshot/s - as an NFT on Ethereum mainnet (0.2ETH) and gain access to the next step...

CREATE - claim a one of a kind hoodie printed with your own snapshot, manufactured with eco friendly materials and processes
a screen shot from Unity game engine, showing part of the creation process of a PORT4 space


Blueprint is our foundational project, the first PORT4 Space.
Each space is a combination of three variable artworks; TIME, UNIT and MEDIUM.
TIME - Central Object
The central object in the Blueprint Space varies depending on the age of your Ethereum wallet's first transaction.
UNIT - Illustration
Illustrations found on cubes around the space are randomly generated.
MEDIUM - Secondary Object
Secondary objects surround the central object, and vary by the number of interactions your Ethereum wallet has had with NFT contracts.


Holding a Blueprint snapshot NFT will allow you to claim the physical garment and to have a voice in the project’s further development and curation. As the PORT4 universe expands, we plan on building a unique platform for artists to display immersive 3D art worlds.

The custom garment claim window will open when half of the available snapshot NFTs have been minted, each snapshot gets one hoodie free, including international shipping or pick up at a web3 event. Additional garments in varying colours will also be available to purchase by snapshot NFT holders.
a moving image with the view of a user looking around a digital environment
a still image from the past moving image
an illustration of a garment printed with the still image



“I started out as a designer in fashion using 3D design to create print for sportswear & luxury fashion, but when I realized how much material waste fashion creates, I decided to do something else.

I taught myself how to build game environments in Unity so I could gamify customization. I believe digital experiences can add value to physical objects, and in turn slow down over-consumption.

PORT4 is the functioning evolution of this belief; creating garments from recycled materials, and customizing each with an image co-created between artist and buyer. NFTs as verification of value & authenticity in a system of many possible unique artworks.

I was the creative director of electronic musician SOPHIE for some time, I’m interested in digital performances and I’m advisor to BODY Gallery - a dance NFT gallery working on motion capture and volumetric video performance NFTs. I spend the rest of my time working to make web3 more inclusive at legendary.lgbt, leading grants operations at nfDAO, and as a guide on Kernel.”

twitter / instagram / linkedin
"I have always been very interested in technology as a means of creative expression.

Coming from a computer science background, I have worked as a full stack developer for start ups as well as large tech companies.

Prior to joining PORT4, I worked on virtual performance spaces as part of a joint project between CCRMA Stanford and TUB Electronic Music Studio.

PORT4 is a further exploration around the idea of virtual art spaces and how they can shape how we interact with art."

twitter / instagram / linkedin


Owen Barnes - DoinGud
Christina Rud - nala
Abbey Titcomb - radicle
Paul Gadi - OP Games, Kernel


MINT - Snapshot minting is open for everyone!
Q2+3 2022
CLAIM - The garment claim window will open soon after half of our 1000 snapshot NFTs have been minted. This will be when you can turn your snapshot into a custom physical garment & arrange for (free) delivery or pick up at a web3 event.
Q3 2022
PLATFORM - Five new PORT4 Spaces are scheduled to launch in 2022. Each will be a collaboration with other creators. Some new PORT4 Spaces will be browser and VR headset compatible.
Q4 2022
PROTOCOL - We plan to launch the PORT4 plugin and protocol at the end of 2022, giving everyone the tools to integrate the PORT4 snapshot function on their games, art, experiences and anything else they have built in Unity.


If I am viewing the same world that others are, is there a chance our snapshots could be identical?

No, every snapshot will be unique, as your wallet influences the space you explore, and your own personal experience decides the snapshots you will take.

What is the price of a PORT4 Snapshot?
The cost of minting a Snapshot is 0.2ETH + gas fees.

Is there a cap on how many NFTs will be minted?
Yes. For the BLUEPRINT Space, the total number of minted snapshots will be limited to 1000. 50 snapshots are reserved for the founding team and giveaways.

What is the custom garment?
The custom garment is a premium physical hoodie, made with environmentally friendly materials and processes, produced especially for BLUEPRINT collectors. Your PORT4 Blueprint snapshot will be printed on the front and back, making every garment in the production unique. During the garment claim window, you will be able to enter an address for delivery, or select a web3 IRL event to pick up your hoodie.

What will be done with the profits made from the sale of the Blueprint NFT collection?
We'll use this to build a platform, plugin and open protocol, to enable anyone to create gamified customisation experiences using snapshot NFTs; to build on our team and enable the current core team to work full time on the project, to build our community across web3 and creative industries in general, and to offer artist bounties for the first five artists to create PORT4 Spaces on the future platform.

Why is PORT4 Blueprint on Ethereum?
Currently the main NFT market is located on Ethereum. We feel like launching Blueprint on a L2 chain will cause unnecessary friction, especially for people new to web3. As the L2 ecosystem becomes more stable we will consider moving future releases to a chain that allows for cheaper and less energy intensive transactions.

Is minting a Snapshot harmful to the environment?
PORT4 BLUEPRINT is overall carbon negative. Carbon emissions caused by the Blueprint NFT contract will be calculated using carbon.fyi at the time of the final mint, the full amount of carbon calculated will be offset. Beyond this, PORT4 is reducing physical material waste by creating garments from recycled materials, printed using water based, eco-friendly inks.

What inspired this project?
Founder Cici has been exploring ideas of gamified fashion customization since his days at the Royal College of Art, where PORT4 began as Virtual Reality fashion co-creation experience ‘B34’. This final Masters project won Cici an award for innovation presented by IDEO and Techmer PM. Discover more about the origins of the project in Cici's posts on the PORT4 Mirror.
a screen shot showing the design process, building a game environmentENTER PORT4ENTER PORT4